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comfort food

You've probably heard of Soul Food and Cajun too.
But what is American Southern food?

The British colonists who settled in the New World loved hearty, comfort food just as much as modern Brits do now. When they arrived in what is now Virginia, they continued to cook what they were used to. But it didn't take long before they started to jazz up their Old World recipes with indigenous North American ingredients like peppers, spices and corn. As African cooks took control of the kitchens and introduced their own ingredients, and other Europeans like the French and Spanish made their way to the New World, something altogether magical occurred, and American Southern food was born.

Biloxi Southern food has been created to bring mouth-watering good American Southern food to Britain. Our sausages are just the start of a wide range of American Southern products you will find throughout the grocery store. We've got more to come, so make sure to come back soon to see what's cookin'!

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